Own a premium loft that will generate you wealth.
10 minutes from Uluwatu Beach




12-16% APY 6-8 years to recoup

115-130% after development

it's not just a vacational rental

It’s being part of an exclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem, where you can have the life you want and make your dreams come true.

And all this with conditions that you would never have considered:

OUR partners:

Close your eyes and

visualize a paradise COMPLEX

Beyond stunning beaches and magical temples, Bali has virtually every kind of natural beauty.

Glorious mountainous areas with lush greenery, scenic lakes, gorgeous waterfalls, iconic rice fields, flower gardens, gushing sacred rivers and secret canyons all make up the island’s landscape.

The most iconic location is Uluwatu, where the residential complex is located.

Uluwatu is a prime location to invest in villas, as the availability of land with great views is still abundant and the region is a popular choice for holiday villa rentals and family residences.

But... Why bali?

Why Now is the best time
to invest in Bali Real Estate

Worldwide leading destination

Bali is never going out of fashion. Stable increase in tourist arrivals since early 2000s. Newly built Ngurah Rai Airport is capable of handling 25 million arrivals annually.

High Occupancy, Low Seasonality

Average occupancy in most popular areas of Canggu, Seminyak, Ubud, and Uluwatu never drops below 70%. Steady rental earnings throughout the year due to low seasonality.

Low Maintenance & High ROI

Above average returns with low construction and operational costs. Airbnb-Arbitrage investment profits averaging at 25% Annually.


Due to its unique infrastructure, Bali is becoming the number one destination for location independent workers and digital nomads.

There is a great list of reasons to INVEST IN Bali:

A safe place

Full licensed agency with exclusively entrusted property portfolio.

You won't miss anything

Quality listings for rent and sale. Strategic locations. Best rates directly from the owners.

Cost of living

Extensive use of cutting edge IT solutions to ensure better and faster services for our customers.

Easy to get to

With plenty of flights to Denpasar International Airport from all over the world.

Move around easily

Rent cars and motorcycles and hire affordable drivers to move around the island easily available.

Word-class development

High speed wifi everywhere, good signal available all around the island.


is one of the most promising
developing countries.

7th place
in the world


2 %

by GDP volume

world Economies by 2030

annual inflation rate

does real
estate in Bali

bring income on average 2 – 2.5 times higher than any other location in the world.

High-quality offers in Bali give a yield of 12-15% per annum, while the average yield of real estate in the world is 5%.


Bali is a young and developing resort, which is at the top of the world rankings.


The season lasts 365 days a year, more than 320 sunny days a year.


The average air temperature is 28 – 31 degrees all year round, the water temperature is 25 – 27 degrees.


Low cost of real estate relative to resort real estate in other countries.


A small tourist area, built up to 90% – a scarce market.


Every year the cost of living is increasing by 15-20% and the cost of rent will continue to rise.



How will
the COMPLEX look like?

Masuka Loft Villas is a premium and luxury quiet neighbourhood located in the heart of the Bukit, south of Bali, close to Karma Beach and on the way to the famous cliff club Savaya. A group of 11 modern lofts designed following Tulum’s style and focused on vacation rental. Each loft has a private pool and huge windows, making an incredibly bright living room.

At a glance, 1,400 square meters in the middle of Uluwatu.

If you look closely, you will see a complex where wellness, health, leisure and entrepreneurship come together in a perfect combination.

And the best: it’s a sustainable and affordable alternative to owning a vacation rental property in just 1 year.

There is space for two different areas: the residential area and the parking area with the office.

Here is your opportunity to invest in a conscience entrepreneur premium complex with all the comforts you have always wanted at home.

We are 5 min drive from everything you need:

Beach Club with adult-only pool and family pool.

Gym & Sports Club with tennis, basketball and soccer courts.

Coworking, school, spa 5* & events room for multiple use like talks and parties.

Restaurants options: vegan, vegetarian, local food, Italian and Spanish... ¡& more!

Supermarket, laundry room eco shops and more...

An investment with an expected annual return of 12-16%

Estimated at about € 500,000 in 30 years, expenses aside.

Sounds good right?

The formula is as follows:

Yes, every month; even if your loft has not been rented.

Because we distribute the profit among all the owners of the complex.

This assures you a passive income throughout the year.

Now, let's talk numbers

We sum up...

Buy your house now from € 110,000 with a concession of 30 years (until the year 2052). This price will increase in the next weeks to the standard price of € 125,000.

After making the reservation the loft is paid in 1 payment or in instalments during 1 year.

We guarantee your rights by contract. Request it by email to

Rent it through us with an
estimated return of 1000-2000€ / month.

Fixed costs

From the time of the rental of the apartment, the monthly fixed costs are as follows:

How it works
These are the steps to buy your house in Bali:


Book your investment session and we will go together through the steps to start to proceed with the reservation contract that will change your life (for the  better!)


Deposit of 10,500 € at first, pay the recurring instalments and every three months we will send you updates on the stage of the project.


In 2024 you have the loft ready to rent it out and generate you passive income.

Who is behind The MASUKA LOFT VILLAS?


In 2012 we started our first real estate project in Bali where we sold a 4 villa complex, finished the construction in less than 12 months and started renting it out straight away. 

Since then, we have created multiple projects around the island faithful to our formula for success: providing ideal environments for entrepreneurs and investors like us to generate passive income.

And here we are.

“Our goal is to deliver top-quality services to our clients by implementing the latest IT and digital marketing solutions. We aim at delivering an enjoyable and seamless process of finding, acquiring, and capitalizing on Bali’s premium holiday rental real estate.”


Founders of real estate in bali

OUR partners:


Price includes:

  1. Modern loft with finishing, furniture, and home appliance.
  2. Water and electricity supply.
  3. Loft insurance.
  4. Land lease for 30 years.
  5. Tableware, bed linen, curtains, all household appliances, repairs, furniture.
  • We accept many payment options.
  • Signing the contract and making payments is possible from anywhere in the world.


  1. Properties are 10 min distance from UIuwatu Beach, one of the famous Bali beaches.
  2. Recreation clubs including premier entertainment, leisure, co-working, fitness and sporting venues.
  3. Sidewalk Jimbaran for a premium shopping experience.
  4. International Bali school, an innovative school with a well-known education program.
  5. Top-notch restaurants and cafes.
  6. A 35-minute drive to Ngurah Rai International Airport.

A premium private loft with all the comforts

Live in a premium residence on a beautiful island.

Join a community of entrepreneurs and investors.

An investment opportunity with a high annual return.

Let’s resolve your doubts
The project

We sign 2 contracts: one before making the reservation, and another one once the construction is finished with our Indonesian company PT AGMAKINA Indonesia, with NIB 020000090380, registered in section KBLI 68110 , which according to local legislation grants us a license to carry out business for the sale and rental of real estate including houses, apartments, residential buildings and for other uses.

The monthly installments for the purchase of the loft have to be paid the month following the payment of the reservation. The community costs are paid once the house is finalized and delivered.

The inauguration of the residence is scheduled for the end of 2023.
You should pay via bank transfer. Direct debit is not possible.

Failure or delay of any of the payments for the purchase of the house or community fees implies the cancellation of the contract and the loss of property.

For this reason, we advise you to pay the fees at least two weeks in advance and by fast and cheap means such as Transferwise.

We will send you a confirmation email.
You do not have to pay extra taxes in Indonesia on the house. We are the owners of the land and therefore, those responsible of paying the fees. You only have to pay taxes, if necessary, on the benefits obtained, in your country of residence.
Together with the reservation, we will sign an online contract through the Pandadoc App, which is a trusted third party and is fully valid. The price indicated on this website is the final price of the apartment, all taxes included. If you wish, we can sign a contract in person in Bali. The management costs would be covered by you (about € 250).
If your tax residence is in Spain, it’s mandatory to declare assets or earnings abroad when they exceed € 50,000. Source: Chávarri Abogados, El Pais. However, we recommend consulting each situation with an advisor.
Every three months and with total transparency you will receive a detailed report of the project’s progress.
In the event that you decide to terminate the contract, none of the amounts paid will be returned.
Yes, according to our forecasts, all the apartments will be sold by the end of 2022.
According to Indonesian law, it is not possible to assign the property to the buyer for life. To be more specific, after 29 years and 11 months we must sell the land to another company.
Contracts are subject to Indonesian law.
Renting my house

The estimate is gross, expenses aside.

It’s an approximate calculation since the rents in year 2052 will be at least double or triple the price over those of now.

As a company we are the first interested in having a high occupancy rate since we obtain a commission for each rental.

We will publish the houses in portals such as Booking,, Airbnb or Agoda, … and we will organize our own experiences, like marketing courses, yoga retreats, fitness retreats, cooking classes, diving etc.
You will only have to pay the average cost of consumption for all apartments rented each month.
No, all apartments are already furnished, have air conditioning and have water, electricity and Internet services.
If you leave us your house to rent it for you, we need you to notify us at least 3 months prior to your wished stay.
Every three months we will send you a detailed report on the rental of your home together with the bank transfer.

The residence and the lofts

In the south of the island, since it has ample spaces to build the residence and is very close to the airport.
Yes, as you will see in the contract, we will offer the houses in order of registration.
Yes they come fully furnished you don’t need to do absolutely nothing.

Access to the residence will be granted by identification card.

There will be security cameras, both at the entrance of the residence and at the houses.

No, but you can stay up to 14 days a year (days not cumulative) in low-mid season covering minimum costs or high season with a 20% discount of the retail price, you must notify us at least 3 months in advance and availability will be subject to the current bookings and calendar.

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